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The Hatter’s riddle

In the chapter “A Mad Tea Party”, the Hatter asks a notable riddle: “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” When Alice gives up, the Hatter admits he does not have an answer himself. Lewis Carroll originally intended the riddle to be just a riddle without an answer, but after many requests from readers, he and others, including puzzle expert Sam Loyd, thought up possible answers to the riddle. In the preface to the 1896 edition, Carroll wrote:

Enquiries have been so often addressed to me, as to whether any answer to the Hatter’s Riddle can be imagined, that I may as well put on record here what seems to me to be a fairly appropriate answer,: “Because it can produce a few notes, though they are very flat; and it is nevar put with the wrong end in front!”. This, however, is merely an afterthought; the Riddle as originally invented, had no answer at all”.

Loyd proposed a number of alternative solutions to the riddle, including “Because Poe wrote on both” and “because the notes for which they are noted are not noted for being musical notes”.

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