Why Vote for Obama?

05 Nov

I am looking at these elections from outside. I write from Romania and I am Romanian. I can tell you about the image America has abroad and the way your candidates look like.

I new nothing about them until 2 days ago. Since then I keep on updating myself. And I can tell you one thing. I can not see Mr. McCain doing a good job in front of Putin while I see Mr. Obama. In Mr. McCain I see the same face I am used to see in the last 20 years, the same representative of the most powerful people of America, the same false smile.

On the other hand, Mr. Obama has a sort of inflexibility, a kind of smile that gives me the feeling that he allows me to have opinions but he will call me back to facts when the time for a conclusion will come. Mr. Obama seems more interested in being truthful than in being right.

Again, I might be wrong. I am afraid I am wrong, specially now that he looks more and more like a winner. He can still be a socialist and a demagogue, as some are characterizing him in the Romanian newspapers . I would hate to find out that he is so when he will become the 44th president. But I hope he is not.

He gave me the feeling America will have a sense of direction under his presidency. And that the rest of us will follow that direction.

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